Walter Stöhrer-Preis für Grafik

a painting is a painting in a landscape

Two superposed photographs of a landscape were taken out of a driving car after a certain distance was covered. Several paintings painted after various attempts while the artist is walking back and forth to get distance to his paintings . On moment is superposing another creating a new scenario.

a painting is a painting in al landscape Simon Knab Exhibition view at Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese; 10 paintings oil on canvas  each 18x24cm on photo wallpaper 400x215m, 2016



Hydrant---Poller Simon Knab

Radierung 1 auf Bütten ca 70x100cm klein 2015 Simon KnabHydrant & Polleretching on Bütten, 70x100cm, 2016


application portfolio each etching on Bütten 50×50 cm, 2015