Simon Knab Performance Stridulation-Seoul 2016.jpgstridulation is a special form of sound production, which arises by rubbing two body parts against each other. Especially by insects it is used for inner-species communication.
The insects and the associated noises in the heavily concreted Gangnam district
in Seoul gave way to department stores and banks. Man’s hand rubbing is ineffective
in noise production and what remains is a gesture commonly referred to as „making a good deal“ or is connoted „to be in pleasant anticipation“. Especially among the younger generations the district is popular as a shopping and nightlife area. For the video documentation I specially designed a strapon selfie stick. Again, a fetishization takes place by the subject perverting himself through the selfie stick to the object. The installation consists of a framed photograph 50×70 cm, a
screen and the strapon selfie stick(aluminium and rubber).