growing full potential

Dokuzentrum Innenhof

During the residency at the Documentation Center in Prora(Rügen) I relocated 38 little trees from the inner courtyard to the outside of the building. Before the trees were dug up, they have been marked with chalk. Painting young trees white is a common measure to protect them from strong temperature fluctuations and pests. The sediments for the paint were collected at the chalk cliffs known for Rügen and mixed with a self made egg tempera. Instead of bringing something into the exhibition space for a short term, I wanted to take something out that is permanent. Polaroid pictures(5,4×8,6cm) where taken from the trees at the new location with the historical building in the background.

Prora-Baum 040Prora-Baum 039 KopieProra-Baum 034 KopieProra-Baum 033 KopieProra-Baum 032 KopieProra-Baum 036 KopieProra-Baum 028 KopieProra-Baum 010 KopieProra-Baum 011 KopieProra-Baum 020 KopieProra-Baum 008 KopieProra-Baum 009 KopieProra-Baum 010 KopieProra-Baum 011 KopieProra-Baum 021 Kopie