growing full potential

Dokuzentrum Innenhof

This local interaction took place during a residence program at the Documentation Center in Prora (Rügen), 38 trees from the inner courtyard were relocated around the building. Before the plants were dug up, I marked them with white chalk. Chalking white trees is a common measure to protect them from severe temperature changes and pests. The sediments for the paint were collected at the chalk cliffs known for Rügen and mixed with a homemade egg tempera. Polaroid images were taken of the trees in their new locations with the historic building in the background.


Prora-Baum 040Prora-Baum 039 KopieProra-Baum 034 KopieProra-Baum 033 KopieProra-Baum 032 KopieProra-Baum 036 KopieProra-Baum 028 KopieProra-Baum 010 KopieProra-Baum 011 KopieProra-Baum 020 KopieProra-Baum 008 KopieProra-Baum 009 KopieProra-Baum 010 KopieProra-Baum 011 KopieProra-Baum 021 Kopie