nature doesnt make decisions

nature doesn t make decisions  Simon Knab

nature does not make decisions is an installation consisting of three photographs, one sculpture and a book. I focused on the changes caused by erosion and natural weathering, which is at the same time producing sculptural forms in a protected natural park in southern France. From one rock, I knocked off some parts of the 25 million year old limestone, which I than crushed to small fragments and incorporated in a pedestal with cement. The handmade book out of stone paper is printed with photo transfer. It shows a sequence of a digitally manipulated collapse of the rock and brings at the same time well-known sculptural forms to light. Through this staged and recorded human intervention on several levels (material withdrawals, translation done by photography to the exhibition space and by digital transformations) I discuss transitory practices in the artistic work genesis that come to application.

Full documentation of the Exposition à Hôtel d‘Astier, Forcalquier