How do you feel about me?


I am happy to announce my next solo exhibition at Erratum Galerie on Saturday the 25.05.2019


Opening am 25. Mai 2019 von 17:00 – 21:00
Ausstellung vom 25. Mai bis 10. Juni 2019

„How do you feel about me?“ shows two plants of the same species: one was abandoned outdoors while the other was used for study purposes.

Since the twentieth century hemp (cannabis) has had an ever-changing and rather uncertain relationship to humanity.

Simon Knab sees the difficulty of this relationship as an emotional question that mankind has to face in order to be able to gain a rational point of view. The artist’s exploration of this plant can be seen as the homage to a genus that contributed to the cultural evolution of humanity like no other. Closely interwoven with human craftsmanship, hemp turned from the once-familiar everyday companion, to a stranger who still wanders around.

Thanks to modern techniques, the old cultural and useful plant is digitized and transformed into the exhibition space. Faulty modifications cause multiple views of a fast-sprouting plant. We accompany growth and decay.

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How do you feel about me?